Elastic diaphragm, the sensitive unit of the piezoresistive miniature pressure sensor used in smart home electronic scales is usually composed of a piezoresistive bridge and an elastic diaphragm, in which the elastic membrane is used to sense and signal the pressure change of the scale body. The principle is that when a person stands on a household electronic scale, the elastic diaphragm feels the pressure caused by the outside world, and the corresponding deformation is generated under the pressure, and the Wheatstone bridge formed by the force sensitive resistor on it will The deformation is converted into an electrical signal output. In the design of human body household electronic scales, the elastic diaphragm of the pressure sensor usually adopts a square planar shape, which is conducive to higher sensitivity.

Once the household electronic scale fails, it will seriously affect the accuracy of the measurement. In order to eliminate the fault, the first step should be to accurately find the fault. When the instrument is turned on and there is a display, you can use the sensor simulator to check the failure. If the instrument works If it is normal, it indicates that the fault occurs in the weighing part. If the meter cannot work normally, it indicates that the meter part is faulty.

If the scale is faulty, you should first check whether the terminal block in the junction box is damp, or aging, corrosion, etc., or there may be poor contact. The simple method of elimination is to blow dry with a hair dryer, or directly and completely Replace the wiring board, add desiccant, etc. You should also use a multimeter to check whether the cable is short-circuited or disconnected. The advantage inspection table will be deformed to different degrees due to the middle school. It should be ensured that the deformation level of the inspection table is level with the table surface after being loaded. In addition, it should be ensured that the limit is adjusted to a gap of 2-3 mm, and it is forbidden to stop the limit.

The function of the health electronic personal scale has been recognized by many consumers. It can be weighed at any time in the bathroom or bedroom. It can not only control the weight, but also help the health of the body. It is a necessary small household appliance in today's family.

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